Rólunk Írták / Testimonials
Hungarian language teaching in Sydney originally started back in 1961 and many years later still only existed as language lessons after Sunday church. In 1972 a school was started in the city with 6 teachers and a priest. In 1973 a small group was formed in Punchbowl.  With some ups and downs through the years in 1978 The Hungarian Centre in Punchbowl saw the formation of a new school with 120 students in 5 classes. In 1979 Hungarian School Flemington Incorporated was born and later moved to Homebush West Public School, where it still is today.

35 years later the year is  2010 and Hungarian School is still going strong with over 60 students!

We welcome students from age 2 to year 12 HSC level.

Hungarian School Flemington Incorporated is a member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools and has settled well into Homebush West PS for teaching the primary years. Primary level has around 45 children.
Our teaching hours are from 12:15pm to 2:15pm every Saturday during the school terms.

Language School for high school students is run from Bankstown Girls' High School every Saturday and is available free of charge.

Our families appreciate the opportunity to bring their children to Hungarian language school, as in many cases the children are second or even third generation Hungarian descendants and/or from mixed language background marriages already or may be newly arrived migrants and are seeking friends within their culture.

Many families/children come from the Hungarian Playgroup when their children grow into the kindergarten years and some find us through language spoken in the supermarket isles or even through the Sydney Hungarian Consulate. Wherever they come from, we welcome our new students all year round.

A part of the reason for being in Homebush is to be close to the Hungarian Scout Groups in Sydney with whom we are closely associated and hold several celebrations throughout the year: Mother's Day in May at the Scout Hall, Meet Santa by the Campfire and the Christmas Celebration at the Punchbowl Hungarian Centre. Many of our students attend the scout meetings on Saturday afternoons conveniently starting after our teaching hours at 2.30pm and just a few streets away at the scout hall. How great is that: hearing the language spoken for 4 hours in one go! We usually see these students walking to Scouts as a whole patrol in their group uniforms, sure to warm the hearts of our ancestors!

Throughout the year our students also participate in many Hungarian National Days of Celebration or Commemoration with reciting poems or performing music, in fact two of our teachers are usually one of the organisers, including our long time Principal Rozalia Stopic (Katona) OAM, who has made it her life's  mission and given her whole heart and energy into preserving our language and culture at our school. Bravo, Rózsa néni (as our children call her)!

With a very active parent body, through the many years the school has been able to hold two annual fundraising events, supported by the Hungarian Community at large: our Annual School Picnic and our Annual School Ball, also a graduation ball for our Year 12 students.

Our thanks go to many of our supporters. They have been very helpful with organising specific grant sponsored teaching material and drama teachers from Hungary for which the school is very grateful. Our new parent body is very thankful for all the support it receives from the CLS Office all year round.